The Present and the Future of funk music

The Present and the Future of funk music

The impact of funk has continued to develop even nowadays as it is widely played on our radio stations. The music has gained media airplay over the last decade. Currently, the rock bands have started incorporating funk aspects into their sound. The combination creates a new mixture of funk metal and funk rock.

The father of the modern day is James Brown. He was also surrounded by a professional group of artist that influenced him. However, James Brown was an exceptional and original artist who took the influence he got from Chuck Berry and changed it into his own thing. With the driving beats and rhythms, complete with exclusive soul-stirring vocals and horn sections accompanied by electrifying dance moves, the current funk music was born. People named James Brown the God Father of Soul. Besides, they forgot to call him the Master of Funk. His concert was undoubtedly electrifying. Going to these concerts could guarantee you a dosage of funk music.

Due to the numerous forms of the funk vibration, there originated funk of different modes and styles. Nonetheless, most of these comprised the performance style, production styles and attitudes in funk music. In the last few years, funk music has made numerous fans around the globe. The music has also inspired several other users as it has now spread to almost all corners of the world. The list of funk group players is massive, and it cannot be mentioned in a day. However, some of them include Wind & Fire, The Zap Band, George Duke, Bootsy Collins, Ricky James among others. Presently, we have several funk bands and players such as Funk Superstar, Brian Culbertson and Bruno Mars. Bruno Mars also owns a group of funky musicians.

The future of funk music rests on safe hands as Starfunk, and Astral Pioneers will inevitably progress the funk. Astral Pioneers and Starfunk is a script that has originated from the legend, history, and the mythology of funk. There is a mythology that says that funk came to Earth as a funny vibration that patented beyond Earth. The funk music is possibly the only connection that the theatre has to planet Earth. However, we all know that funk music is global.

Probably in future, the Astral Pioneers and Starfunk are award-winning stars in the waiting. It has a unique and fresh story, places, characters, swashbuckling circumstances, and situations. All the above are due to the brainstorm of Glenn Towery. Glenn, a graduate of School of Columbia College Hollywood film, wants to convey this exceptional story of funk to life. Similarly, he wants to achieve his childhood dream of becoming a successful filmmaker. Therefore, support his film if you need the future of funk music and funk movie to be bright.