The Mind Funk Album Review

The Mind Funk Album Review

Looking to do more with that lazy weekend that you have coming? We are sure you could do many things- like watching a game of golf but how good would it be to listen to some great music from the 90s – and ones that you didn’t even listen to before?

The 90s was a great time for all music lovers whether you are new or old, and whether you loved rock or pop. There were quite a few music bands that people remember even today but did you know that some music bands had some great cover that not many know about?

The Mind Funk band is one of them, offering some great Rock music and startling many. While the band couldn’t make it big – for a reason we would talk about below – it did make some great music when it existed.

Mind Funk Review

Mind Funk changed the music scene with its first self-titled album in 1991. Their music presented a unique combination of all the influences of its band members who used to play in different hardcore metal bands of that time.

It’s really difficult to explain how the band sounds and only thing that can be said is you need to hear them out to decide for yourself. But the fans did like their productions as they built their music around grunge and funk metal popular at that time. So if you want to listen to a cross-over of Nirvana and Ministry or Soundgarden then Mind Funk won’t disappoint you.

Any careful listener will agree that the band adeptly combines the different influences with the funky vocals of at Dubar setting the stage on fire. Most of the songs in their discography contain a melodious aspect which gradually transforms into heavy metal riffs and progressions. You can hear the bass guitar bringing the grunge to life while genres like stoner rock and funk metal also feature quite often in the songs.

Known as a “B-level supergroup” their music got rid of the flashy musicianship and focused on grooves to bring out more mood and solemnity like in the song Drowning. You could still spot the energy and rush of the earlier songs in titles like Mama, Moses and Me which reminded one of their debut album.

Fans could not get enough of their alt music with endless cool riffs to thrill stoner rock lovers. You can also make out the melodic chord progression and thoughtful guitar work that the band has put in to bring out the psychedelic tones. But good things must come to an end and Mind Funk disbanded only after 3 albums leaving behind their music to entertain their fans.

Experience the music all over again and groove to the 90s – again!

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