Revival of funk music

Revival of funk music

When people hear the term funk music they think of the classic music style that was popular during the 1970s and the 80s. This music had a unique sound and was easy to dance to. Many people think that funk music has faded away over the years. While the classic songs are still a big hit, it seems that artists of today tend to avoid making funk music. There are some artists that are trying to make funk music and some of it sounds well pretty funky. The Revival of Funk Music is happening now.

The modern revival of funk music is heavily influenced from the funky sounds of the best. Recently hip-hop music has started to take the sounds of funk as well as modern R&B sounds. Rock bands are also borrowing sounds for this gene and putting it into their sounds. Bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and even Rage Against the Machine have all used funk sounds. Outkast has also been known to mix funk music in with its sounds.

Funk music has been featured in modern hip hop for a number of years. Instead of creating new sounds, artists from the past have been sampling funk music and using it in their songs. James Brown is said to be the artist that is the most sampled in the history of hip hop music. Artists are taking these sounds from the past and adding new lyrics and are making hits this way.

Artists are making their own funk inspired sounds as well. They are using the bass and the guitar riffs that are inspired by the original funk music. Many artists including rap artist and producer Dr. Dre openly state that they have gotten a lot of their sounds from funk music of the past.

Funk is being used in many ways. There is punk funk music and this music has been around since the early 2000s. These bands often play with the indie rock crowd and mix funk sounds in with other forms of music to create a really different sounds.

Modern R&B artists are also using funk in their music. Some of these artists are sampling the funk songs and using the same beats that were famous in the 60s and the 70s. others are using clips while some a making beats that sound similar to funk music.

Modern funk music is not just performed by men. There are many women that are singing funk music. Chaka Khan is one of the best known female funk artists. She has inspired many other women to experiment with these sounds and add their take on funk. There are other singers that are using the funk beats and adding their style to it.

This is some of the ways that the revival of funk is making its way back into modern music. Artists of today are sampling the funk sounds from the past. While the lyrics and the style of singing may be a little different the classic funk beats are still the same.