History of funk music

History of funk music

History of funk music

Funk music originated as a product of many genres such RnBs, Jazz and African grooves. It is believed that funk music existed from the 1950s in New Orleans. Since then, it has transformed its father genres such as jazz, RnB and African grooves. This has resulted in the creation of new genre such as hip-hop. It is believed that it has multiple origins but its origin and evolution are traced on the work of James Brown. We are therefore going to look at the history of origin and evolution of funk music.

Origin of funk music

James Brown is a man who had a successful music career in the early 1950s. His hit songs such as “Think’ and “It is mans mans man’s society moved the Americans with humor. James Brown always liked to have live performance which has lead to formation and development of was is today known as funk music.

Blown who was the band leaded, commanded his bands to play some lines repeated over and over again until there was flawless. During the introduction, blown would make sure that his band vamps to the point he gives the signal of starting the next song. It was until 1967 when he had his band vamping put under waxing for the first time.

The first successful proper funk song is believed to be “cold sweet”. Its chord, bass, and drum were disassociated entirely with traditional structures such as RnBs. It is wholly based on James browns new method of singing.

After “cold sweat” was successful other RnB singer started to get funky. Funky melodies became popular, and everyone was interested in it since every musician was going funky.

Motown and Stax, who formerly were RnB musicians started to take their music in a funkier direction. Funk took a major turn over in the right direction when it was attached to burgeoning civil rights movement. At this point, many artists stood up and supported funky music. James Brown “unapologetic blackness” which had funky melodies brought the listeners to tears. At this point, most American African artists stood their ground and passed the message using the funky tune.

George Clinton also took part in the development of funk music which is known today. He would lead a doo-wop band called the parliaments in the early 1970s. He later founded two major well-known funk bands known as Funkadelic and parliament. These bands followed the rhythms of James Brown, but it even had a stronger groove which is a sense of rhythmical pulse which was liked by most Americans.

Clinton managed to create funk music which was more inspirational. Clinton and co. Come up with faithful funk band which molded the funk music. This made a transition of funk melodies to what we have today.

Funk has developed to be a self-sustaining genre by today. Most popular artist including Chaka khan move around the world singing in funk genres, and therefore it has become globally recognized.

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