Funk vs Hip-hop

Funk vs Hip-hop

In the early 1970s, an entirely new brand of (Rhythm and Blues) R&B was running the media airwaves, funk music. It was established by musicians such as James Brown, Little Richard, and Parliament Funkadelic. Hip-hop, on the other hand, developed due to the cross interaction between different genres of music. A primary distinction between funk and hip-hop is that hip-hop is mainly founded on using favorite melodies as a background on producing the songs, whereas funk music involves the artists playing their instruments and generating an original component. Hip-hop was just established in the 1980s and sounds more like a rap.

From a different angle, we can say that the African-American artists established funk music by mixing elements of jazz and soul with Rhythms and Blues. Funky music involved vocal lines and bass lines that are played through low-pitched mechanisms and has a robust syncopated beat. It means that beats can fluctuate from solid beats to off beats and accents. Funk music is also rich in a rhythmic movement that motivates listeners to get up and dance. Besides, what people need to know is that hip-hop was further invented from the African American culture. Hip-hop has over the last few decades infiltrated the pop music world. It is also referred as rap by some group of people. It is primarily distinguished by words that are spoken in a rhyming and rapid manner over instrumental or electrical music. Hip-hop has managed to link and unite several generations. Currently, it is not only famous to African American religion; it has grown and flourished among various ethnic groups in the world.

Funk music consists of sophisticated rhythms in comparison with other types of music. It mostly involves several drums and offers a considerable starring role for the electric bass. This instrument was not prominently useful in music before the introduction of funk. In funk music, the melody is insignificant in comparison with the beat. It is these beats that make one dance along the music. The music also contains repeated bars or extended vamps of music that can be played severally or until musicians decide to move on. In some cases, funk bands include various equipment such as saxophones, hones, and trumpets. They mostly use these tools for emphasis. To add extra fun into the music, funk musicians usually distort the rhythms instead of using the typical straight beats.

On the other hand, hip-hop is portrayed by a group of young generations that tend to resist the authority, value graffiti on the walls and also loves to break dance. They also fancy rapping lyrics that are contained in the pre-recorded electronic music. The hip-hop fanatics, however, depicts that hip-hop music delivers a message or voice about the feelings and endless struggles of the African American youth. The main activities involved in hip-hop music are break dancing, disc-jockeying, rapping, and graffiti art. The early hip-hop artists mainly centered their music on crimes, drugs, struggles, and family trials. However, the trend has changed as modern artists’ base their songs on success, love, happiness, marriage, and other stuff.

From the above, we can say that both hip-hop and funk has a different group of fans. However, they are all widely accepted around the globe.


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