Funk Rock, To Much Funk?

Funk Rock, To Much Funk?

Let’s jump into a time machine for a brief moment. One of the biggest decades that had a turn of events was in the 1960’s and 1970’s. From the civil rights movement to noteworthy music had everyone in an uproar. This is where funk rock initiated, and had a hug impact on our daily lives today. Without funk rock, the legendary singers that many musicians value their core tone reflection on would be a waste.

Funk Rock is a musically directed genre that is upbeat and best of all lively. Famous bands such as Faith No More, Billy Squier, Talking Heads, James Brown, Upsetters, and of course, Red Hot Chili Peppers brought funk rock into the mainstream media. They linked a rock basis with a funk groove that was rhythm guided. An unpredictable style that showed attitude.

In the late 1970’s, funk rock became the musical run-of-the-mill for bands such as Stevie Wonder, and Temptations, plus more. Even jazz artists adopted and traversed the funk groove. It built a strong foundation to music in today’s industry. Bands such as Prince, and Rick James, Blondie, Queen, and even Led Zeppelin has musically inspired songs that were from the basis of the funk groove. The band, Living Color has a song called “Open Letter (To A Landlord)” that shows a soulful demonstration with a powerful funk induced groove. Even David Bowie first US number one single, “Fame” was divulged from funk.

How can life in today’s digital age and music industry not be a part of the funk rock era? Funk rock gets people to show their attitude and it is socially a fun atmosphere to be a part of. It shows tales of tragedy, vigorous realities, and passion. With a world we live in today, Funk rock brings out an expression of inspiration in everyone who listens to it. It is driven with the bass and drums that pound into our hearts as we jump around the dance floor. It holds a fusion of beats that lifts our souls of style and can bring out the best in some people.

Funk Rock is life!

It holds a character of rhythm. A diverse group of today’s real musicians plays Funk rock. Bands like Rage Against the Machine, Wild Cherry, Incubus, Hazel Peele, Tower Of Power, Bamboos, The Perceptions, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, continue to create and masterfully show how funk rock is an inspiration to their music. They mix all the elements of the past and create a new a futuristic sound that almost everyone loves to listen to. Funk Rock is one of the biggest pin points in our history and us widely used in today’s market. Who is your favorite band? Take a look yourself at the history of those bands, and see for yourself that most bands today have a musical inspiration for the past that partook in funk rock that is now driven in today’s culture.

Funk Rock is fun, energetic, and downright gritty sometimes, but it gets your heart pumping and can portray an attitude and brilliance of your daily life trials and successes. It is a part of our lives today, and will continue in the future to hold the same respect for musicians around the world. No, to answer your question, funk rock cannot ever be too much funk!

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