About the Mind Funk Rock Band

About the Mind Funk Rock Band

We are sure you have heard a lot of Rock bands. After all, who can forget the classics from Green Day – ‘I walk a lonely road’ shattered the box office records for quite a few years. However, they aren’t the only Rock bands prior have grown up listening to. Some of the other Rock bands like Mind Funk can take your breath away too. Wondering the type of music they are known for and whether their rock music would suit your taste? Don’t worry- just read on.

About Mind Funk

The band Mind Funk was formed in 1989 in New Jersey in America by members of different bands like Chemical Waste and Uniform Choice. The band followed on the lines of funk metal and incorporated stoner rock, heavy metal and grunge in their music.

Interestingly, the band was originally called ‘Mind Fuck’ but later changed its name as the record company Epic thought it may sound offensive!

Notable Band Members

Mind Funk came out with only three albums and split up in 1995. In the short span they saw many popular musicians come into the band and leave. Among them notable ones included ex-Soundgarden bassist and ex-Nirvana guitarist Jason Everman, Reed St. Mark of Celtic Frost and John Monte from M.O.D.

Monte was one of the original founders of the band along with fellow Chemical Waste band member Coppola.

Mind Funk Discography

The band released its first album called Mind Funk in 1991 in association with Epic Records. Their music became quite popular due to its mixed influence and the second album came out in 1993. It was called Dropped but this time the band had to go with Megaforce records as Epic withdrew their support.

The last album was known as People Who Fell From the Sky and hit the markets in 1995. The band also produced one EP called Touch You in 1991 and released a single called Bug House Burning in the same year.

Aftermath of Split

The members soon left to follow their own musical endeavors after the 1995 album. Mark again joined Celtic Frost while Monte went on to join a band called Sun Red Sun and then played bass at Ministry.

Louis Svitek joined Ministry as their guitarist and played in four albums. Though the existence of Funk Mind was short, it made some good funk and grunge during the early 1990s.

If you are looking to listen to the music that the band created when they were together just head off to Youtube. You write find a good many of them. 90’s music after all, had a charm of its own that you just cannot ignore.

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  1. drowning is my favorite song! it,s so powerful and deep! hope they will reunited….the unforgotten band in the 90s

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